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Campus Café: Future Forecast
Campus Café: Future Forecast

Campus Café: Future Forecast

Event past
20-01-2022 / 20-01-2022
3:30 pm - 5:30 am
Online via Zoom

8 building blocks for the Digital Transition 2030
Integrated Photonics in the near future

What will the future bring when we talk about the Digital Transition and the latest technologies? And what does that mean for you as a company, student or professional? In this ‘one-not-to-miss’ Future Forecast edition of Campus Café, visionary forecasters tell you in a nutshell what breakthroughs the near future will bring us, which challenges still have to be overcome and what you have to do today to be on the front row the next few years. Digital pro’s from the Freedom Lab, a leading scientist of the University of Twente and an innovative entrepreneur at Kennispark will take you through the ins and outs of the Digital Transition, Integrated Photonics and its application to various sectors.


15:30 | Digital transition: 8 building blocks on the way to 2030

If there is one thing we have learned in the past year, it is that the digital transition is accelerating in all sectors. But are you ready for the digital transition? Let us take you to 2030 in half an hour.

What does the digital future of our society look like? Do you have the skills to shape the digital transition, in your company or in your field? This inspiring, future-oriented session will be held by researcher and strategist Pim Korsten of Freedom Lab, authors of the Future Outlook Digitalisation 2030. Expect a deep dive into the building blocks of the digital transition: from raw materials to hard infrastructure and from blockchain to Edge and Fog computing. Also forms of artificial intelligence, ethics and a smart habitat will be discussed. He uses the ‘Stack’, a layered model containing various building blocks, which gives you a good insight into the impact of digital technology on society.

Are you ready to add building blocks to your own profession?

+/- 16:00-16.15 uur | World of Photonics in 2022

The world of photonics is booming! With its many fields of application, 2022 promises to be a great year. But what do you, as a company or as a technician, gain from it? What are the latest developments, what are the current challenges and what can you, as a company, do tomorrow to be in the front row? Associate Professor Sonia Garcia Blanco of the University of Twente gives her scientific vision of what we can expect from Photonic Integration. Douwe Geuzebroek, VP Marketing & Sales at Lionix International, will take you through the business challenges and opportunities of Photonics in 2022. This one is not to miss!

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