Expansion of Enschede branch Xsens lives up to its growth ambitions

Expansion of Enschede branch Xsens lives up to its growth ambitions

Xsens, manufacturer and developer of motion sensors, is going to significantly expand its branch in Enschede. This month the foundations will be laid for the construction of a three-storey building right next to the current head office on the Kennispark in Enschede. The expansion will lead to a substantial increase in turnover and employment.

With the expansion of 1800 square meters of floor space, Xsens is able to almost double its production and workforce. With this the company responds to a worldwide growing demand for its innovative motion sensors and software. “The plan is to grow from 120 to 200 employees and a turnover of 25 million dollars in the coming years,” says Boele de Bie, general manager of Xsens. Because of the company’s high international profile, its pioneering activities and good working facilities, Xsens expects few problems in filling the vacancies.

A conscious decision was made to expand production in Enschede because of the good facilities in the region in the high-tech industry. “The working and living conditions for our staff are good in Twente,” says De Bie. Xsens works closely with, among others, the University of Twente, TRIMM and Roessingh R&D. The new building is also being realised by regional partners. The design of the new wing is from IAA architects and Droste Bouwgroep is responsible for the realization. Construction is expected to be completed in March 2021. When Xsens is 21 years old, on April 6, 2021, the festive opening will follow.

Xsens, started in 2000 as a spin-off of the University of Twente, is a world player in the development and production of motion sensors and supporting software. The ‘3D motion tracking’ sensors, no larger than a few centimetres, register movements extremely accurately and record the obtained data in a computer. Xsens’ sensor technology is used in machines and vehicles but also registers movements of the human body. The wireless sensor technology is used in the healthcare, industry and entertainment sectors, among others. The trend is that motion sensors are increasingly being embraced by small and medium-sized enterprises and the consumer market.

Since Xsens was acquired by mCube in 2017, sales have increased substantially (2019: $ 19 million). Sales mainly take place in Europe, North and South America and Asia. In addition to its head office in Enschede, Xsens has had a branch office in California (USA) for more than ten years. Due to the rapidly growing demand in Asia, Xsens recently opened new branches in Hong Kong, Bangalore (India) and Shanghai (China). Part of the production also takes place in China.


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