Knowledge partners Cybersecurity Centre Manufacturing Industry sign up for digital security entrepreneurs

Knowledge partners Cybersecurity Centre Manufacturing Industry sign up for digital security entrepreneurs

Working together on a cyber-safe manufacturing industry

The Cybersecurity Centre for the Manufacturing Industry (CCM), with a base in the East of the Netherlands, ratified a formal collaboration with knowledge partners Tesorion, Actemium and The Cyber Partners on the afternoon of Wednesday 4 March. Based on a joint approach and structural cooperation, the agreement aims to help companies in the manufacturing industry to better protect themselves against cyber criminals. The CCM, initiated by Novel-T, developed a cybersecurity quick scan partly on the basis of the expertise of the knowledge partners. The scan provides insight into the potential risks within a company and how you can reduce them.

Cybersecurity Centre Manufacturing Industry

Digitization offers companies many opportunities for innovation and growth. At the same time, rapid technological developments create new challenges and risks, such as targeted attacks by cybercriminals. Production environments can easily come to a standstill for weeks due to a cyber incident, with all its consequences. The CCM wants to prevent this as much as possible. That is why the CCM, with the support of the national and provincial governments, supports entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry in this digital transition, specifically in improving cyber resilience. The CCM offers entrepreneurs knowledge and tools to properly organise their own cyber security. The cooperation with the three knowledge partners creates a powerful proposition and appropriate services.

Cyber security quick scan

Cyber incidents have an enormous impact on an organization. Using the expertise of its knowledge partners, the CCM has developed the cyber security quick scan, in which companies are analysed in terms of technology, people and organisation. Manufacturing companies in the East of the Netherlands can have this scan carried out and thus gain insight into their current digital resilience and concrete tools to increase it.

The cybersecurity scan provides insight into this:

  • What do I have in house? – Insight into your company and where you are vulnerable
  • What can happen to me? – Possible threats and scenarios to your company
  • What have I arranged? – How resilient you already are to these threats
  • What am I gonna do now? – Advice and tips to increase the resilience of your company
    The scan is delivered with a report that gives you insight into short, medium and long term solutions and the type of measures you can take to become (even) more resilient.

Knowledge partners

In order to guarantee the quality of the quick scan and to ensure that entrepreneurs receive good advice that they can immediately start working with, CCM works together with Tesorion, Actemium and The Cyber Partners. Liesbeth Holterman, CCM project leader: “These knowledge partners have been selected for their specific knowledge of cybersecurity in industrial automation. We are very proud that these partners want to use their expertise to make entrepreneurs resilient”.

Subsidy Province of Overijssel

The Province of Overijssel supports the plans and has made a grant of €150,000 available for the scan. Entrepreneurs will be able to have a scan carried out from as little as €250. Commissioner Eddy van Hijum: “We are working in Overijssel on a strong regional economy, with a smart, clean and enterprising business community. Digitisation is an important driver of economic growth and offers opportunities for solving societal challenges. A precondition for this, however, is that your digital security is in order. We are physically sealing off our premises, but there are still too many doors open digitally. By working together in the Cybersecurity Centre Manufacturing Industry, we can help our entrepreneurs to work together on a digitally secure Overijssel.


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