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Become a member and make the difference!

Together we are stronger. The credo has been around for years but is still the way to go to achieve things.

Become a member

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. We believe in this proverb. By becoming a member of our business association, we can join forces. You give something to the community and get valuable contacts and knowledge in return.

Added value of your membership
As an entrepreneur, you are mainly concerned with your own business. That makes sense, because that way, you ensure meeting all conditions for growth. The Kennispark Business Association is a partner that thinks along with your growth. New developments in the area, topics that other Kennispark-based entrepreneurs are struggling with, information meetings, knowledge sessions: they all contribute to the growth of your company. We are not just talking about cooperation contracts or the exchange of talent. Your opinion as an entrepreneur is very important to achieve our ambitions for 2030.

Become a member and let your voice be heard
Membership is open to Kennispark-based companies. Many, over 150, of those companies are a member of the Kennispark Business Association. The number of members can grow so that we can stand together with as many Kennispark entrepreneurs as possible. With the membership of €175 per year, you can contribute to strengthening the community, while new doors are opened to stakeholders and customers. As a new member, you can attend most association meetings for free. Benefits of your membership:

  • Invitations to substantive and informal events. Most events are free for members.
  • Use up-to-date member lists (login).
  • Actual Kennispark news supply
  • Commitment to a safe and good areal design.
  • Have an influence on decisions made by partners in the area.

Enthusiastic? Register now via the link below.
Become a member

The small print…
We want to point out several conditions that apply to your membership:

  • Memberships run from January 1 to December 31.
  • Memberships can be cancelled until January 1st of the new calendar year.
  • If you register after July 1st, half the amount for membership for that year applies. In all cases, memberships have a minimum duration of one year.

Questions or need more information? Please contact chairman Patrick Duwel via the contact details below.

Irith Hoffmann
Irith Hoffmann
Irith Hoffmann

Irith is chairman of the Business Association Kennispark. Since 2018, she has been promoting the interests of entrepreneurs and members located at Kennispark together with other board members. Irith works as a lawyer in (inter-) national contract law and employment law at Damsté Advocaten-Notarissen.



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