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Patent application for researchers

Personal advice and support with protecting your idea.

Patent application

You have developed an amazing invention or a smart innovation, but you do not want someone else to copy, use or sell your idea. In that case, you can apply for a patent to protect your invention. If you want to know more about the requirements of a patent application or if you need help with the application process, our patent consultants are happy to help!

Patent application

Developing an idea into a market-ready product often requires major investments. A patent helps to protect your invention and keep others from copying or selling your idea. Novel-T’s patent consultants can tell you more about the possibilities of applying for patent protection and refer you to patent attorneys who can help you draw up your patent application. They can also advise you on what patent strategy to employ.

If you are an employee of the University of Twente (UT) or Saxion University of Applied Sciences, your employer is the owner of the knowledge you developed. In that case, the KTO’s business developers will evaluate whether a patent application is necessary for the business case. If the business developers issue a positive recommendation, the UT or Saxion will finance the costs of the patent application. The KTO ensures that the patent application process is handled in close collaboration with the inventors.

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