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Unobtrusive surveillance with unique drone bird

Unobtrusive surveillance with unique drone bird

The Drone Bird Company is a world champion in building drone birds. After 30 years of research and development of various fixed-wing and flapping-wing drone birds, we are excited to announce the newest model in our fleet – the AVES Series 1 surveillance and reconnaissance drone. AVES is the first professional, unobtrusive drone bird in the world – indistinguishable from a real bird.

This fixed-wing drone bird was developed with nature in mind – closely modelled after real birds to offer the most unobtrusive option for surveillance and reconnaissance available. This is because it is virtually undetectable by both humans and animals. The design closely resembles the real thing, and there are no noisy propellers or moving parts to draw attention. It features real-time telemetry, interchangeable sensor modules, and a high degree of autonomy.

In 2020, The Drone Bird Company will launch AVES first in two countries for use in unobtrusive surveillance for border control. In 2021 they will bring a steppe eagle model to African National Parks for use in anti-poaching activities.

Various Sizes and Models
The silhouette of the AVES can be fitted to species common to the geographical area of operations, so that it completely blends into the environment. Depending on the operations and the chosen species, specifications can differ to represent the actual bird as accurately as possible. Wing-spans of AVES models can be up to 2.5 m. Each variant can be equipped with day and nighttime infrared cameras and various other sensors.
The maximum operational ceiling is 3 km (10,000 feet), with a cruise speed of 43 km/h (12 meter per second), and a total range of 40km.



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