20face raises capital for further development of privacy-proof facial recognition

20face raises capital for further development of privacy-proof facial recognition

Kennispark-based 20face, developer of privacy-proof facial recognition technology, has raised one million euros from new and existing investors. 20face’s technology allows users to access buildings and offers a high level of security. In doing so, the user always maintains control over his or her own data.

“We are pleased with this investment and proud to fund the growth of 20face. This allows us to further develop our technology and launch new projects, contributing to a safer and more efficient world,” said 20face CEO Dick Fens.

20face, spin-off from the University of Twente, focuses on developing technology that protects users’ privacy and security. “We are known for the speed and precision of our software, but to stay ahead you have to keep innovating. For example, how do you make sure someone cannot hold a passport photo in front of a camera to bypass security?” In the near future, 20face will continue to improve the efficiency of access control and identification processes. The investment will be used to further fund 20face’s growth and launch new projects. These include deploying our solutions in applications such as Know Your Customer (KYC) projects or digital boarding at airlines.


Facial recognition is not uncontroversial because of privacy concerns. From the start, the Enschede-based start-up’s solution focuses precisely on protecting personal data. “We had the Personal Data Authority look at our technology to see if we comply with privacy legislation. We consider that to be of great importance. With us, the end user remains the owner of the data. That means they can remove their photo from the system at any time.” Another advantage of the technology is that 20face’s data is located in Europe and complies with European legislation.

Matthijs Berkelaar, investment manager Tech at Oost NL: “With their technology, 20face ensures that secure environments can be better protected. They rely on the knowledge present around the University of Twente in the field of artificial intelligence. 20face’s technology is very promising. We see that, among other things, in the interest from the market.”



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