Kennispark is currently undergoing a major renovation. If we want to retain our top position as a national science park, we must continue to invest in the area and in the innovation community. On this page, you will find the most relevant documents to guide real estate owners, entrepreneurs and partners in making strategic choices. What are you missing? Mail to

Below you will find the most relevant documents. They are in order of topicality. The most recent documents are at the top. Most downloads are in Dutch.

Annual Reports

What are we going to do this coming year? You can read about it in our annual report. Do you see opportunities to participate in one of our actions? Then get in touch with us!

Annual report 2023


Where are we, what successes can we celebrate and what remains to be done? You can read about it in the periodic updates.

Download Periodic update Kennispark December 2022

Download Periodieke update Kennispark april 2022 (In Dutch)

Download Periodieke update Kennispark juni 2021 (In Dutch)


The Enschede City Council has adopted the Urban Development Plan to transform Kennispark from a business park into an innovation district where living, working and meeting are central. The plan merges the Business & Science Park and the University of Twente campus into a single entity. The Mobility Plan for the area has also been adopted. Read more about the development principles on this page.

Download Urban development plan

Download Mobility plan



Kennispark’s structural vision makes the ambitions for 2030 more concrete. The new building of the Demcon Technology Center and Ecare, the renovation of the former Enterprise House and the development of the outside area around the renovated Hogekamp. These are current developments that cautiously showcase the new Kennispark. But how do they relate to the structure vision and the area as a whole? On this page, we briefly outline where the priorities lie.

Download Kennispark Structural Vision



Talent is rapidly becoming scarce. To remain attractive to new talent and to retain that talent, it is important that the university, businesses and government join forces and work together. We have therefore developed an area strategy to strengthen the position of Kennispark Twente in the battle for talent, and to create an ecosystem that ensures talent is retained for Kennispark and for Twente. Read more on this page.

Download Area vision Kennispark


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