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All facilities in one area

Research facilities, meeting rooms, hospitality, hotels, sports clubs: Kennispark offers everything you need to do business and work.


Kennispark is in full development and well on its way to become one of the best ecosystems in Europe. An attractive ecosystem, however, does not only depend on a collection of buildings and businesses. As an entrepreneur, you know better than anyone that high-quality facilities can create new (long-term) partnerships and relationships, and retains talent for your business. An overview of all these facilities can be found below. Questions or ideas? Let us know via!

Patrick Duwel
Filis Katalanç-Alp
Anne-Wil Lucas
Patrick Duwel
Chairman Kennispark Business Association
Patrick Duwel

Business Association Kennispark represents the interests of all entrepreneurs in the area. Are you curious about what our business association can do for your interests? Contact me!

Postal Address Kennispark Business Association
OV Kennispark
Postbus 545
7500 AM Enschede

Filis Katalanç-Alp
Account manager
Filis Katalanç-Alp

As an entrepreneur, you want to create the best conditions to grow. Business accommodation, environmental issues, permits, accessibility and labour market issues are important such conditions. I am happy to think along, knowing the fastest way within the municipality. While I leave you run your business, I like to show you the way.

Anne-Wil Lucas
Anne-Wil Lucas

As quartermaster I am responsible for translating our ambitions for 2030 into concrete actions. As an entrepreneur, do you have ideas or do you see starting points to reach those ambitions together? Or do you, as an investor, identify opportunities in the area that you want to discuss with me? Then I would be pleased to discuss possible implementations.



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