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Do you have an innovative idea and do you want to get started? We open up our resources for you to validate, develop, and grow your startup idea. Get inspiration, mentoring, and coaching via our experts and experienced business developers. Novel-T is a non-profit, you won’t have any costs or equity loss. They are the most entrepreneurial university ecosystem in the Netherlands and facilitate innovation and startups for more than 35 years. What are you waiting for? Join the START Bootcamp to get the basic insights of building an idea into a business in just one day. Or apply for the START Program, that is consisting of a validation sprint for dedicated student entrepreneurs in different sessions over two months. Are you ready to START?


Do you have a business idea or just want to get the taste of entrepreneurship? During the START Bootcamp, you will get the basic insights to build your innovative idea into a business. In this Bootcamp, you will get access to our knowledge, resources, and tools, that were used to build already over 2000 startups/spin-offs. You can find out if you get inspired to become an entrepreneur or to build an innovative company. Only in 4 hours, you learn everything from experts around the important elements such as business modeling, legal, finances, and pitching. Also, Everyone is welcome. Whether you are a Saxion or University of Twente student, or just a dedicated entrepreneur. You can find the last details and registration page over here.


Do you already have an innovative business idea and eager to start? Apply for the START Program. The START Program is a validation sprint for your innovative business idea in four sessions over two months. With a value of more than €7.000 in tools, expertise & coaching we only allow 10 teams to join per cohort (month). During this program, you will follow several masterclasses and coaching sessions on different themes given by professionals. These experts will coach and guide you in the process of validating your idea in two months’ time. During the evening sessions, you will check the key elements of validating your business around the topic like business modeling, value propositions, legal aspects, market analysis, and teams. Making it through the START Program gives you insights if your working on the right idea. Is your idea good enough and do you make great progress? Then you can get access to the Novel-T ADVANCED Track. Find all the information about the START Program over here.


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Lars Prinsen
Lars Prinsen
Projectmanager START
Lars Prinsen

Mike Verkouter
Mike Verkouter
Manager Startup Accelaration
Mike Verkouter


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