Cyber Awareness session at Demcon at Kennispark Twente
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Cyber Awareness session at Demcon at Kennispark Twente

Cyber Awareness session at Demcon at Kennispark Twente

14:30 - 17:00
Demcon, Institutenweg 40 Enschede


Almost two-thirds of business owners are going to face cybercrime that impacts digital business operations, 20% of these business owners actually become victims of cybercrime. The more complex the organization, the more at risk the business is. But you can do a lot as an entrepreneur to minimize the chance of a cyber attack.

During this afternoon we will discuss step one; awareness. As an entrepreneur, how do you ensure that everyone in your organization is aware of the risks of their actions? And what do you do when the time comes?

Thursday, March 30 from 14:30 to 17:00

From 14:30 walk-in

15:00 Introduction and welcome with an overview of activities in the region
Hosted by TUCCR

  1. Hacked, now what? – with a nod to noaberschap
    By Edwin Moraal, security region North and East Gelderland
  2. Awareness: how do you get people in your organization on board?
    By Maarten Timmerman, CEO of Awareways

From 16:30 room for sparring over drinks.


We are guests at Demcon, Institutenweg 40 Enschede (Kennispark).

Would you like to participate?

Then sign up via In connection with catering if possible before March 24, 2023. Target group are problem owners from Eastern Netherlands (Gelderland and Overijssel), the topics are non-technical. Participation is free for the target group. Don’t want to participate (now) but want to be kept informed? You can also pass that on at

This event is organized by the partners of the “Cyberchain” project, a project supported by the Digital Trust Centre (Ministry of Economic Affairs) that also organizes the CISO Network East Netherlands, TUCCR (Twente University Cyber), with the cooperation of Demcon, Kennispark Twente and BOOST Smart Industry.

Hope to see you March 30!

Also on behalf of the participating organizations,

Evelien Bras
The Cyber Partners


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