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23-06-2022 / 23-06-2022
3:00 pm

Passing on opportunities together

At Kennispark Entrepreneurs, they know what it’s like to develop ideas and get opportunities. Unfortunately, this is not always the case for everyone. For example, not every child gets the same opportunities and we want to do something about that. Kennispark Entrepreneurs believes that every child should have equal opportunities when it comes to education, sports and culture. That is why Kennispark Entrepreneurs organizes the

They want to pass on opportunities and together make Enschede flourish even more. In addition, some exercise is never wrong! this year for Stichting Leergeld

More than 3500 children per year in Enschede live on 120% of the social minimum and can use your efforts and donations through Stichting Leergeld to get opportunities.

In addition, Kennispark Entrepreneurs also helps new Dutch citizens to get a good start, such as children from the Ukraine.

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