Twente Midwinterhoorn walk
Twente Midwinterhoorn walk

10:00 - 14:00
Campus University of Twente, Hogekampplein


The 37th edition of the Twente Midwinterhoorn Walk will take place in and around Enschede this year. The event, where participants can enjoy the beautiful and authentic regional tradition of the midwinter horn, will take place on Sunday 18 December. The walk is organised by the Enschedese Midwinterhoorn Blazers.

Both the midwinter horn and the Twente Midwinterhoorn Walk have a long tradition. The walk is held at a different location in the region every year and is hosted by one of the many midwinter horn groups in the region. It attracts many thousands of visitors, who along the way can enjoy the beautiful Twente winter landscape combined with the special centuries-old tradition of midwinter horn blowing. 27 midwinter horn groups from the region are present, and can be seen and heard at various places along the route. A midwinter horn maker will also be present to show participants how the instrument is made in the traditional way.

This year’s walk starts at the University of Twente campus, at the Hogekampplein. Participants can start between 10 am and 2 pm. There is a long route of 12 kilometres, which leads participants across the campus, through the Ledeboerpark and Hof Espelo, but you can also opt for the short version of 5 kilometres. The 5-kilometre route is suitable for wheelchair users or walkers with a pram: the entire route is paved and, where necessary, wheelchair-friendly entrances have been provided.

The cost for participating in the walk is 2 euros for adults. For youth up to 17 years old, participation is 1 euro. These can be paid on the spot. Per starting group/family/couple, participants will also receive a booklet with information about the walk, the route, tradition, midwinter horn points and catering.


The Enschede Midwinterhoorn Blazers (EMB) is a group of enthusiastic midwinter horn blowers who enjoy keeping the tradition of the “Oale Roop” alive. During the Advent period, the horns can be seen and heard in various places. They can be booked for, for instance, Christmas markets, church services, Christmas dinners, Christmas tree sales, walks and other festive occasions organised in the period around the holidays. In addition, the Lammerinkswönner in the Abraham Ledeboerpark is their home base; every Sunday between 2 pm and 4 pm during the Advent period, their horns can be seen and heard here. By making the ‘Oale Roop’, as the dialect name for the traditional melody is, resound throughout Enschede, they do their bit in passing on the tradition.



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