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New in the community: Flawless Workflow

New in the community: Flawless Workflow

“With our startup Flawless Workflow, we automate tasks and workflows for companies so that employees can focus on what’s important. And they don’t waste valuable time on those recurring, manual tasks”. Founders Geanny Santos and Alex Habtezghi talk about the start of their company and why Kennispark is a good place to start your business.

Geanny Santos and Alex Habtezghi both study civil engineering at the University of Twente. “During my first practical experience, the idea for Flawless Workflow was born,” says Geanny Santos. “I was excited to work on innovative projects, but disappointed when it turned out that I also lost a lot of time with repetitive and administrative tasks. I also saw this frustration in others in the company. Together with Alex I started automating small tasks.

Streamline workflow
“We saw enormous potential in automating tasks,” says Alex. “We also got that back from the people we worked with. Many professionals spend time on a daily basis on tasks that are not part of their specialty, but need to be done. “Such as administration, collecting data or linking documentation. Companies also have a lot of data. Automating this data makes it easier to analyze and provides valuable information”. In February 2020, Geanny and Alex officially launched their Flawless Workflow company. And a few months later, they already expanded their team with two employees. “Tom Behage and Roel Metsch are our managing consultants. They speak Dutch and often have the first contacts with companies”.

Always a customized solution
Geanny explains how the team works. “When we get to know each other, we mainly listen to the pain and frustration that the employees have. We visualize the processes and workflows and assess what you can automate. Then we make a proposal and Alex and I start programming and coding. The solution is always customized. Alex: “For example, we can automate online tasks, link existing programs and applications or program specific software for the company.

From Kennispark
Flawless Workflow works from the startup incubator on the innovation campus. “At first we had no idea about the beautiful companies in the region and at Kennispark”, Alex shares. “Through the extensive network of Incubase and Novel-T we get to know more and more organizations. They are currently focusing on the Netherlands. And that is very well possible from Enschede. Ultimately, they want to work worldwide. “Our ambition? That everyone with frustrations about data, administration or recurring work knows that there is a solution. And thinks about Flawless Workflow.”

Do you also want to save time or gain more insight into your data?
Take a look at the website of Flawless Workflow.

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