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What do we stand for?

A strong community in which the business community optimally benefits and performs!

About the Kennispark Business Association

The Kennispark Business Association is pre-eminently a connector and advocate for affiliated Kennispark -based companies. We have good relationships with all partners in the area contribute to the strengthening of the prime location in a clear and committed way.

Connecting and strengthening

More than 150 entrepreneurs are united in the Kennispark Business Association. Together, they act based on the strategy they have drawn up. This strategy can best be summarised as follows:

“Together, we contribute to our prime location by connecting parties and strengthening entrepreneurship, innovation and leisure.”
We make sure entrepreneurs connect and promote our common interests at our partners in the area. We do this by (co-)organising meetings and joining relevant initiatives. In this context, connecting people and organisations is always an important theme. We want to achieve more for all, and partially do this by being a good discussion partner. Check the events page to see future activities in the area.

Four clusters
We have defined four clusters to implement our strategy:

  1. Communicatio
  2. Events
  3. Facilities
  4. Representation

Our members work together on various tasks within these clusters. Think of organising substantive events, providing information about the area, coordinating connections with partners for members, maintaining relations with our (prospective) members, certifying the area and running internal processes.

Want to contribute?
Do you want to contribute to our community actively, or do you have suggestions for our business association? We’d be happy to hear them! Contact Patrick Duwel, and he will be happy to talk with you. Or: become a member!

Irith Hoffmann
Irith Hoffmann
Irith Hoffmann

Irith is chairman of the Business Association Kennispark. Since 2018, she has been promoting the interests of entrepreneurs and members located at Kennispark together with other board members. Irith works as a lawyer in (inter-) national contract law and employment law at Damsté Advocaten-Notarissen.



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