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Circular Business Design Track

From value destruction to business opportunities with Circular Business Design Track.

Circular Business Design Track

Circular business models offer increasing opportunities for the manufacturing industry: the profit of products is not only provided by producing and selling. Opportunities for circular business arise around the entire Product Life Cycle. Together with the province of Overijssel, we will start with Circular Business Design Tracks (CIRCO-Tracks): a program where you explore, together with experts, circular business opportunities for your organization. You will make concrete steps in the development of renewed products, services and business models during the CIRCO-Tracks. The result: an implementation plan for decreasing your loss of value and increasing your market position amongst your competitors.


The profit of a product is not only provided by producing and selling. That’s only the starting point. There are many opportunities during the Product Life Cycle where you can create value for the company, the users and society. For example, the re-use of products and materials, reducing the use of fossil materials or making your production process more sustainable. New, more circular forms of value chains and business models are essential, in which the design is key.


Together with the province we offer a Circular Business Design Track, starting from April 2019. This track consists of a three-day workshop over a period of two months for two members of your organization. During these workshops, you will learn more about the principles of circular economy and explore the opportunities for your organization together with experts. Click here for more information about this track.

Note: The spoken language of these workshops is Dutch.


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