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Fraunhofer Project Center

Design and production engineering for complex high-tech systems.

Fraunhofer Project Center

Our rapidly changing world provides both crucial challenges and opportunities for companies. The Fraunhofer Project Center for Design and Production Engineering for Complex High-Tech Systems at the University of Twente (FPC@UT) is a newly established research unit within the University of Twente, in cooperation with Fraunhofer and Saxion.

Industry’s challenges

The FPC@UT comes up with solutions to get fit for smart industry. It serves high-tech industry by pushing smart product and smart production technologies. It addresses the industry’s challenges and technology needs through joint R&D projects. The center provides access to state-of-the-art technologies, development of technology and applied solutions. By transporting scientific knowledge into useful innovations, the FPC@UT will help to cement both Germany and the Netherlands as lead providers of science- and technology-based solutions in today’s most vital fields.

On January 23rd 2017, the FPC@UT was officially opened. It is home to Kennispark Twente, the Netherlands’ largest innovation campus, where more than 380 high-tech companies combine engineering and entrepreneurship to develop cutting-edge products used around the world.

The Fraunhofer Project Center has been established with the financial Support of the Province of Overijssel. Fraunhofer Project Center at UT consist of the three main partners: University of Twente, Fraunhofer and Saxion.

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