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The unmanned ambition.


Space53 is the location for the safe development, testing and training of unmannend systems on land, in the air and/or water. Space53 is located at Technology Base Twente and facilitates in the complete innovation process of unmanned systems.


Space53 is a public-private partnership – a single, shared portal for national and international organizations. With an airport in the immediate vicinity, a safety campus and a large number of special indoor and outdoor areas for research and testing with unmanned systems of all sizes, Space53 is unique in Western Europe. In addition, it collaborates closely with research and education institutes such as the University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and ROC van Twente.

Space53 facilitates the complete innovation process of unmanned systems by providing access to everything that is needed, such as: Technological expertise, office space and technical facilities, indoor and outdoor testing areas, educational and training facilities, all emergency services, possibility to stimulate lifelike situations, necessary permits and launching customers.

Read more at the website van Space53 or check the aftermovie below.



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