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Technical Medical Centre

Innovation hub with big impact on health care of the future.

Technical Medical Centre

From the first of January the MIRA Institute on Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine, the Experimental Centre for Technical Medicine and the health-related educations integrated into the new Technical Medical Centre of University of Twente. Here arises a leading innovation hub that focusses on personalized healthcare of the future.

The Technical Medical (TechMed) Centre is a elading innovationhub focussed on improving the healthcare by education, research and new business activity. The centre will move into a new building at University of Twente in 2019 and is equipped with a stae-of-the-art infrastructure, such as researchlabs, preclinical test setups and inmitated hospital environments. In collaboration with industry, hospitals, government and insurence companies TechMed works on realizing new solutions with impact for healthcare.

Novel)T is partner in the TechMed Centre to facilitate entrepreneurship and the growth of new business acitivity.

Read more on the website of Techmed Centre.



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