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Smarter through the crisis due to the commitment of students

Smarter through the crisis due to the commitment of students

Covid-19 poses great challenges to companies and institutions and is at the same time a huge driver for innovation. Change and innovation can be of vital importance. The knowledge institutes University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, ROC van Twente and Aventus make the following appeal to companies and institutions: make use of students, in the form of projects and internships, to increase your innovative power. This offer is bundled in one desk: Novel-T SMART. The team behind this desk helps fine-tune the assignment and match the right students.


In Deventer the initiative to link companies in crisis to students had already been started by Saxion, Aventus and a number of supporting partners. This has been further developed in cooperation with the knowledge institutes in Twente, with Novel-T SMART as the central entrance.

Students are looking for practical experience
In addition to companies and institutions, students are also experiencing the challenges of the current crisis. Many have not yet been able to find a graduation project, practical project or internship as a result of Covid-19. Putting what they have learned into practice is an important part of various studies. That is why the knowledge institutions are calling on companies and institutions through Novel-T SMART to put their bottleneck and innovation question to students right now. This can easily be done at the SMART Match Team on

How it works
Companies or institutions that would like to solve a bottleneck or see an opportunity to innovate, contact the SMART Match Team. In this team there are contacts from all four institutions and from Novel-T SMART. They help to sharpen the question, when and by which students this question can best be tackled and in which way. The solution can have different forms: an internship, a team assignment or even a mix of students from these knowledge institutes working on an assignment. The students are recruited by the SMART Match Team through the courses.

Ongoing orders that have already been submitted
Through existing contacts, a number of orders have already been received at the counter. For example, the Lebuïnuskerk in Deventer has submitted an assignment about virtual tours. FC Twente and Heracles have asked to work out scenarios for playing matches in the coming months. The Entrepreneurs’ House Deventer has also already formulated questions about new working methods and business models.

Made possible by various partners
The crisis-related SMART initiative came about in cooperation with the knowledge institutes and the following partners: Ondernemend Twente, VNO NCW, Rabobank Enschede-Haaksbergen, DEP (Deventer Economic Perspective), Ondernemen 055 and De Persgroep.

Novel-T helps new businesses start up with innovative ideas or ground-breaking inventions and renew existing organizations. Novel-T SMART is the link between regional business and students to accelerate innovations. It helps to sharpen the innovation demand of companies and the translation to a student project.

Questions for SMART due to the crisis can be submitted as of today on



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