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Young Twente Board gives voice to young people from Twente

Young Twente Board gives voice to young people from Twente

With the launch of an online panel, every young person from Twente gets the chance to think about the future of their region. The Young Twente Board, as the initiator, hopes that thousands of young Tukkers will make their voices heard in an accessible way. As of today, they can register for this.

Whether you have 16 or 36, a born or imported Tukker, a PhD or an MBO diploma in your pocket, it doesn’t matter. The more young people want to think along, the better. “Together we are the future of Twente,” says Young Twente Board chairman Gyula Rychtarski.

Thinking along instead of scrolling

The Young Twente Board sought – and found – a way to involve young people in the future of Twente. After registering for the Young Twente Panel as a young person, you will receive a short survey six times a year via text message. In the time that you otherwise scroll through your Instagram Feed, you can now think along in five minutes about themes that directly affect you – now and in the future. Think about talent policy, carefree living, sustainability and – now especially relevant – Twente after the corona crisis. This is the subject of the very first survey, which will be sent out in two weeks’ time.

“Use your brainpower and fresh perspective for the region! As a young person, what possibilities do you see for achieving the sustainability objective? How do we ensure that more Dutch and foreign young people want to live and work in Twente? What new forms of mobility do you think we should try out in Twente? It is important not to stop talking or complaining. Together we can make this region a better place by focusing our thinking on formulating solutions. We’re taking that opportunity now,” says Rychtarski.

About the Young Twente Board

Since September 2019, ten young people from Twente have been thinking about the future of their region. Together we form the Young Twente Board. We function as a sounding board for the Twente Board, by giving solicited and unsolicited advice. As a connecting discussion partner within the region, we encourage relevant and target-oriented cooperation.



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