Apply for energy label more expensive in 2021. Request the free BREEAM scan now!

Apply for energy label more expensive in 2021. Request the free BREEAM scan now!

Kennispark Twente is working on a major renovation: our outdated area will be given a major facelift. At the moment we are one of the top 3 national innovation campuses and we would like to keep it that way. After all, an attractive innovation campus will attract top talent and companies. We are working on the upgrading in various ways: from drawing up new urban development principles to attracting high-tech innovative business activity. With this rebuilding assignment, we are also explicitly looking at making the area more sustainable. Real estate is an important part of this.

Free sustainability scan

Because we would like to work with the real estate owners at Kennispark to make the area more sustainable, we can offer a free scan via a government contribution from the Deal Region. This free scan, worth €1,000, provides insight into the current status of real estate and provides an overview of measures that property owners can take to make real estate more sustainable. With the results of the scan in hand, you can take steps to comply with the legal obligation. In 2023 every property must have at least energy label C and in 2030 even energy label A. With the scan you know exactly which steps you still need to take!

Urgent: on January 1st the costs for the energy label will rise!

As of January 1, 2021, the determination of the energy performance will change for all buildings. Because of this change, a more detailed calculation has to be made of the real estate and its installations. This will create more work for both the building owner and the energy label consultant, which will also increase the cost of applying for an energy label.

Get another label this year

If you would still like to have an energy label according to the current regulations, you still have time until 31 December 2020. A definitively awarded energy label remains valid for 10 years. If you arrange for an energy label this year, then you have been granted one for the first 10 years. Attention! An office building is still required to have at least energy label C from 2023 onwards.

Sharp offer: scan in combination with energy label

If you combine the sustainability scan with the application for an energy label, we can make you a competitive offer. The price of the energy label depends on the size of the building and the presence of information (building drawings).

Apply now!

In this brochure you can read more information about the scan and the advantages of making your real estate more sustainable. Would you like more information or would you like to request the free scan directly? Mail to alfred@kennispark.nl.


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