Best Bicycle Employer of Overijssel

Best Bicycle Employer of Overijssel

Every province is looking for the best Bicycle Employer and Overijssel Onderweg is looking for the best Bicycle Employer of Overijssel. The best bicycle employer is an employer who ensures that employees can easily and economically cycle to work. For example, with a mileage allowance, tax benefits on the purchase of a bicycle, good bicycle parking with charging stations or showers at work.

Is your employer the best bicycle employer in Overijssel? Then nominate your employer immediately for a chance to win a LEKKER e-bike worth € 3,258!

Distribution campaign at Kennispark

On September 28, 2023 the promotion team of Overijssel Onderweg will come to Kennispark to draw the attention of all cyclists to the search for the best Bicycle Employer of Overijssel. They will hand out apples with QR code, which cyclists can use to directly nominate their employer!

Missed the promotion team or want to nominate your employer now? Go to the website of https://overijsselonderweg.nl/zo-werkt-het/ and fill in the nomination form before October 23.

The winners for each province will be announced Nov. 7 at a festive ceremony. The winners will advance to the national Bicycle Employer of the Year election. This will be announced Nov. 21.


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