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Broodbode at Kennispark: 'We hope to become the new culinary hotspot!

Broodbode at Kennispark: ‘We hope to become the new culinary hotspot!

Opening a lunchroom in corona time, that’s guts! While e tutti the Netherlands smeared the bam at home on the kitchen counter, the Broodbode opened a new branch at Kennispark. The tenth in the East of the Netherlands and the third in Enschede. How did it go after the opening?

“Every day things are going better, even if it was really waiting to see how things would go in the beginning”, Niko van der Blom starts. He is branch manager of the Broodbode Kennispark and is therefore responsible for the operation of the lunchroom at our innovation park. “Now that people are going to the office more often, we are seeing an upward trend. The weather, of course, is also helping. More and more often, the terraces fill up around noon, and the takeaway is also getting better and better. It certainly helps that we sit along a nice walking route across the park. The Flow of Innovation is really a footpath that people use during lunch. It’s the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee or lunch with a colleague or business relation. Beautifully central, and easily accessible.

Cackling fresh and homemade

The concept of the Broodbode is a great success. They offer homemade bread with fresh, honest ingredients, as can be read on the site. The dough is prepared in the kitchens of Enschede and Deventer and distributed daily throughout the establishments for baking. The open kitchen allows guests to experience for themselves how the sandwiches and drinks are lovingly prepared. De Broodbode op Kennispark is also furnished in this way: an open kitchen with a homely ‘dining room’. With the ‘canteen’ of Ecare next to the lunchroom, the Niko team always has something to do.

Escape for space in the head

“We notice that people like to escape from the office flow for a while and join us for a pleasant chat. I also see people passing by whose company has its own company canteen, but who still like to stretch their legs. In addition, it’s good to focus on something else than work. That in turn creates creativity and space in the head. We hope that Kennisparkers will see us as that resting point”.

September bang with Broodbode Kennispark

Niko has plenty of actions to bring the bread roll to the attention of employees at Kennispark. “We have started a flyer action to let them know that we are there. People can come to us for take-away sandwiches, catering, a meeting room and just a nice lunch on our terrace or in the lunchroom. In addition, we want to provide more food in September. We are currently thinking about fun actions to lure the students towards us and a tapas tasting for people passing by. We are going to develop these ideas further in the summer period. It was a weird start to begin with, but after the summer holidays people only really start to experience that we are there. Our team is really looking forward to it. We hope that we will really become a beautiful culinary hotspot at Kennispark!

Curious? Just drop by or take a look at the menu online.

Meet the Broodbode team in their open kitchen!

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