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Entrepreneur association supports plans area organization

Entrepreneur association supports plans area organization

“If we want to make Kennispark attractive, we have to invest together. That’s why we support the area organization’s plans to ask entrepreneurs and property owners for a financial contribution,” says Irith Hoffmann, chairman of the Entrepreneur Association Knowledge Park. “It is that as an entrepreneurial association we do not have any premises of our own, otherwise we would have been the first member”.

“In order to get somewhere, you have to dare to make choices as an area. It is good that the University of Twente and the municipality of Enschede are focusing on the innovative and technical profile of our innovation campus. This will enable Kennispark to raise its profile and become more attractive,” emphasizes Irith Hoffmann, partner at Damsté attorneys and civil-law notaries and recently chairman of the Entrepreneurs Association Kennispark. “At the same time, as an association of entrepreneurs, we believe that all companies should feel at home at Kennispark. After all, we have a beautiful breeding ground for various types of companies here. From technical and innovative to service-oriented and sporty”.

Strengthening our position

Because of its location, Kennispark is a breeding ground of opportunities and possibilities. “As a business association, we cannot exploit these opportunities,” continues Irith Hoffmann. “That is not our primary task either. We are there to represent the interests of our members and ensure networking activities. But a good exploitation of the area is important for all the companies on our campus. That’s why we need an area organization that exploits the potential of the area. And that is why we wholeheartedly support the establishment of an association of owners and entrepreneurs”.

Make a decision

Fully-fledged co-payment also means a fully-fledged place in the administration of the area organization and thus the right to co-decide on all matters related to the implementation of the area strategy. “As an Entrepreneurs’ Association, that is the role that we take on first,” explains Irith. “As soon as enough entrepreneurs and real estate owners have joined, they themselves can send a delegation to the steering committee and we withdraw as the Entrepreneurs’ Association. Then we will focus on the sociable get-togethers and other network meetings”.

Now is the time to invest together in Kennispark, says Irith. “We see that there is really improvement in Kennispark. And it may be a cliché, but if you don’t do anything, nothing will happen. We now need that combined strength.

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