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TValley | Empowering Smart Technology

TValley | Empowering Smart Technology

13:00 - 18:00
De Grolsch Veste, Enschede


Get ready for the TValley Tech Conference on 31 May! Together we empower future industries with smart technology.

Gain and share knowledge, connect with hightech companies, like Voortman Steel Machinery, VIRO, Demcon, and meet upcoming talent. All you need to do: sign up, receive a free ticket and mark 31 May 2023 in your calendar!


Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate, Micky Adriaansens, states, in the context of EDIH, that “Sustainability and digitization of our economy create jobs and income. The Netherlands is already leading the way with digital infrastructure and using data by entrepreneurs in their processes and products, for example. But we can and must take further steps. Think of the use of artificial intelligence by SMEs.” (Source:

TValley contributes to this ambition by creating the preliminary conditions for knowledge transfer, networking and multidisciplinary R&D projects. We specifically stimulate further development in 4 roadmap tracks: Autonomous Systems, Recognition, Data Analytics and Systems Engineering. A number of key concepts within Smart Industry.

Through our rich network containing various experts, we organize a variety of knowledge and inspiration sessions. Not only do we broaden and deepen our knowledge, but we also ensure that students gain the proper knowledge during their education.

In addition, we share challenges and solutions to help each other move forward based on challenge-based innovation. If You Want to Go Fast, Engineer Alone. If You Want to Go Far, Engineer Together.


  • An afternoon filled with interactive knowledge sessions
  • Business fair presenting the entire TValley community
  • Plenty of smart technology demonstrators
  • Matchmaking: meet regional frontrunners, passionate engineers, talent and potential cooperation partners!

We will discuss the developments of the last few years and, of course, the possibilities of the future, some of them developed today by TValley partners. Enjoy in-depth knowledge sessions, prepare to be blown away by innovative demonstrators and allow fellow engineers and entrepreneurs to impress you.


  • Engineers and technicians looking to improve their knowledge of smart technology topics such as autonomous systems, vision, systems engineering and data analytics.
  • IT professionals interested in the application of technology in the industrial sector and the integration of smart technology solutions.
  • Entrepreneurs and managers looking to learn about the latest technologies and trends in industry automation and digitization.
  • Researchers and academics interested in learning about the latest developments and challenges in industrial automation.
  • Students who want to be introduced to high-tech companies to boost their careers.
  • Investors and entrepreneurs seeking to explore new business opportunities in the field of smart industry.

Overall, it’s the ultimate opportunity to network with peers, attend informative sessions and workshops, and gain a better understanding of how smart industry can benefit your business or career.

De Grolsch Veste, Enschede
Grolsch Veste, Colosseum, Enschede, Nederland


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