Exclusive promotion for VONK members: Free bike brackets available

Exclusive promotion for VONK members: Free bike brackets available

Kennispark is becoming more and more sustainable. Also when it comes to mobility. We see that more and more employees are coming to work by bike and that employers are facilitating this by offering (fiscally) attractive bicycles and providing good, closed parking facilities. More and more buildings are even installing changing rooms and showers so that everyone can start the working day refreshed.

Fortunately, our visitors are also increasingly coming by bicycle … but where do they leave their bikes? Unfortunately, at many properties there is still no parking space for visitors to park their bikes at the main entrance. We want to be a hospitable park and welcome our cycling visitors with open arms. That’s why – especially for VONK members – there is now a unique promotion: free bike racks at the entrance of your property!

Thanks to the Regio Deal subsidy, we can offer the entrepreneurs and property owners at Kennispark a number of bicycle brackets per building. The stands will be delivered and installed. The only thing we ask of you is to make space available near the main entrance. Each bicycle bracket will be approximately 1 by 2 meters. If you would like to have two brackets placed, you have to make 2 by 2 meters of ground available.

Would you like to make use of this action? Please contact Alfred Stobbelaar – alfred@kennispark.nl


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