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Exite about Innovate GO: 'So you get an innovative mindset with quick results!

Exite about Innovate GO: ‘So you get an innovative mindset with quick results!

Innovate GO is a new program of Novel-T set up from the Region Deal resources. Exite is very enthusiastic about it. They started it only 6 weeks ago; with a cloud architect, a marketer, a business specialist and a functional consultant. What are the results? They are already there! Innovation Lead Bas from the Greek part of Exite tells us what the program has delivered so far.

Innovation is only successful when it is actually sold. It was the trigger for Van de Griek to start with Innovate GO. The seed was laid during an information session about the program: “During that session it became very clear to me that this was about a newer way of process guidance. Much more focused on co-creation and the issue instead of the solution and brainstorming about it. So: how are you going to become innovative with each other?”


An ecosystem of focus

The Greek thinks it is a very strong point that the program is delineated in time. Exactly what Exite needed to do: “In recent times we have been working a lot internally on further shaping the organization and building our brand. The weekly day meetings of Innovate GO ensured that we could be very focused and focused on innovation and not get stuck in other processes or customer projects”.


Innovation as a mindset

And according to Van de Griek, this is already having a positive influence on the work floor: “Employees are entering the action stand much more. And I see that not only in the team with which we started this trajectory. We are also trying to stimulate the same way of working together in other places in the company. Innovation really is a mindset and you only create it if you have the right ecosystem for it”.


Focus on the issue

The first weeks were mainly about business modelling with the help of a Canvas. After an initial physical meeting, the other meetings were done online: “We thought this would have a slowing effect, but we became more constructive, more focused and more connected as a team. Partly by using smart tooling this allowed us to make much more speed”.


A clear problem definition

This room for more focus quickly resulted in a problem that Exite set to work with: ‘digitising GP care’. Van de Griek: “Because we are now much more involved with an issue, we were able to extract information from the market through interviews, among other things. This exploration of the market ensured that we got a very concrete problem definition on the table”.

Positioning as a strategic partner

Remove the complexity from technology and focus on the end user. It is an essential philosophy of Exite. With the Innovate GO program, this body of thought has gained even more foothold: “It is now really starting to sing around in the organization. If we start up more of these kinds of internal projects in this way, we will be able to work much more at a strategic level with customers. And that’s exactly what we want: to continue to put the end user center stage”.

Better innovation

Exite itself is now more in the lead and is slowly phasing out the process guidance: “The first mockups for a technical platform are ready and a sounding board group of general practitioners, healthcare providers and health insurers has already been set up to further shape the development phase. That is indeed fast, but the most important thing is that the program has taught us to innovate in a better way. By continuing to pay attention to the small flames, a fire is automatically created. And that’s exactly what happened with us”.

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Knowledge park companies, get involved in the community!

Van de Griek also sees the Innovate GO program as a unique opportunity for other companies: “Experimenting is not self-evident. Precisely because we were able to open our eyes with the business developers of Novel-T and other companies from the network, we came up with new insights and thus innovation! Then you see what is possible within a community and that together you can innovate a lot more. So all I can say is: get involved in that community!

More about Innovate GO

Innovate GO is made possible by resources from the Deal Twente region and was developed on behalf of the Province of Overijssel. Together with BlinkLane Consulting we are working on the development and implementation of the program. Want to know more? The links below will help you!

About the structure of the program and registration:

The COIN method: from idea to innovation:



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