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Hey entrepreneur, do you know a space for TkkrLab?

Hey entrepreneur, do you know a space for TkkrLab?

TukkerLab is a foundation that consists of (recently) graduated engineers – university, college and mbo – with a great passion for hardware and electronics. They come together in the evenings. To work on technology and to inspire each other. In the next three years they want to grow to 75 participants. But… That also requires a space to make it happen! Do you know someone who can help this creative breeding ground? Good for TkkrLab, an enrichment of our community at Kennispark!

This is the dream spot they are looking for
TkkrLab is currently located in Spinnerij Oosterveld on the second floor where they already rent 2 spaces. In any case, they are looking for a space where they can stay for a longer period of time and don’t have to pay top dollar. To give you an idea of their wishes, we have made a list of them:

  • A flexible partner who can move with the number of participants
  • Preferably on the basis of monthly rent, purchase is also an option.
  • Flexible indexation of rent in view of dependency on current subsidies
  • A separate social space with kitchen (> 85 m2)
  • Work space (> 45 m2) where they are not a burden to anyone in connection with possible noise
  • Heated spaces
  • A good internet connection
  • Own entrance that is accessible 24/7
  • Good accessibility by public transport and sufficient parking space
  • Good findability
  • Space on the first floor for summer activities

Do you see opportunities? Or do you know someone who can help them get their dream space? Contact them directly:

Dave Borghuis

More about TkkrLab
TkkrLab Foundation is a makerspace that has received funding to retain talent in the region. Besides makerspace, it is above all a community of techies who want to make creative and fun things and share knowledge with each other. They do this by being open every Tuesday evening and by organizing a monthly CyberSaturday where a lecture or workshop is given.

They inspire each other and look over each other’s shoulders to come up with and try out technical solutions. The participants pay a contribution of 30 euros per month. By now there are about 40 active participants. As mentioned, the foundation wants to grow to 75 participants in the next three years. Because they are paying members, they also determine the content of the workspace. So do they need a 3D printer? Then they also submit the request to the foundation.

It is not a commercial party where you as a company can place orders. You can always ask, but it is not a goal in itself. Meeting like-minded people and retaining technical talent in the region certainly is! If companies want to use the facilities that Tkkrlab offers, a contribution is needed to be able to start working with the products.



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