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Institutenweg makes way for more greenery

Institutenweg makes way for more greenery

At the end of December we already saw the first designs of the Demcon Facility Center, which comes exactly between the DTC (Demcon Technology Center) and the head office. Demcon and the municipality are now also working together to connect the outdoor space of this entire area to the Innovation Path and the new square that is to be built on the side of Hengelosestraat. With Director Operations Bianca Screever of Demcon, we were already looking ahead to these plans.

Demcon Facility Center as a meeting place

Screever will soon see the Demcon Facility Center as an important connecting point between the two buildings: “It should become a meeting place for everyone. Apart from the office spaces that we are realizing there, on the ground floor it is mainly a coming and going place where you have a cup of coffee with a colleague or relation and have the opportunity to meet. Just as with the construction of the DTC, we are going for a BREEAM NL-outstanding certificate. I hope we can start building at the end of this year and be ready by the end of 2021”.

This is the part of the Institutenweg that is tackled with on the right the place where the Demcon Facility Center should be located.

Green to the street

The plan is to transform the entire Institutenweg on which the building is located into a campus. Screever: “In the development of this area we are completely abandoning the ‘stamp thinking’. We therefore want to bring the greenery of this part of the Institutenweg to the road as much as possible and take the lot less as a starting point. Coordination on this is of course essential, so during the tendering process we will continue to consult with the municipality about the possibilities”.

Campusplein on the Hengelostraat

At the moment there are still twenty parking spaces on the Hengelosestraat side, but those too will soon be a thing of the past: “We have plans for a campus square for that spot. That’s also the first thing we’re going to do now. The seats, the many greenery and the wadis will soon provide a park-like environment”. Demcon says goodbye step by step to the classic parking space on the street anyway: “We want to work towards a park-like environment for both Demcon buildings, cars don’t fit into the picture here. Some of our colleagues are already parking their cars in the car park at De Grolsch Veste.

Demcon Facility CenterThe new Demcon Facility Center at the Institutenweg.

Campus feeling at the Institutenweg

“Letting go of fixed patterns”, according to Screever it is an important mindset to look at your place in the area in a different and more sustainable way. She hopes, together with other surrounding companies, to transform the entire Institutenweg into a car-free and green campus-like environment: “Together with our neighbours, we are in constant consultation to create a campus feeling of the entire Institutenweg. The consultation about this is growing. Coordination and good communication is and remains essential to make it a place we all support”.



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