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Less parking pressure? Make a corporate mobility plan now with these tips

Less parking pressure? Make a corporate mobility plan now with these tips

Can you park your car easily at Kennispark? For the past few months, that probably hasn’t been a problem. But how will that work out when more people return to the office? Twente Mobiel has developed a handy approach to both reduce parking pressure and encourage people to get on their bikes. We would be happy to explain this approach to you and give you handles for implementation in your company. On Friday 4 September at 10.00 am, advisor Arnold Helfrich of Twente Mobiel will answer all your questions about mobility. Are you there?

We all have a lot of experience with working from home. Apparently, we don’t all have to come to Kennispark at the same time every day to be productive. What lessons do we want to learn from this period and what measures are we prepared to take with regard to mobility? Arnold advises to make a mobility plan now: “With a number of measures we can greatly reduce the parking pressure and encourage employees to get on their bikes.

Use the Corona mobility protocol

“Mobility is an important part of reboarding after corona; going back to the office,” Arnold explains. “We got a lot of questions from employers about the best way to set up that mobility. We developed a Corona mobility protocol to help them make choices. The starting point is to work from home as much as possible. If you do have to be at work, we look at which form of travel best suits the corona measures and the distance from home to the company”.

Download the Corona Mobiliteitsprotocol

Many employees of Kennispark live within cycling distance

An analysis shows that 62% of the employees at Kennispark lives within 15 kilometres of the innovation campus. “An excellent distance to cover by bike or E-bike”, says Arnold. “Especially with the beautiful cycling infrastructure in the region.” For the long distance, the car is often the easiest. But even then you can take measures to reduce the parking pressure. “More spread in working hours, different home working days than Wednesday and Friday, remote parking, sharing cars, travelling together”, sums up Arnold. “If we take measures now, we can keep them after this crisis.”

Download the Mobiliteitsscan

Do the free postcode scan

If you want to know how far your employees have to travel, you can have the postcode scan done at TwenteMobiel. You will then know for whom the car is the most suitable means of transport, who lives within cycling distance and for whom, for example, carpooling is an option because they live near each other. “We also offer employees the opportunity to test an E-bike and later speed-pedelecs free of charge for a week. This way they experience what it’s like to come to work by bike”.

Advantages of cycling

“Employees who cycle are much fitter, five kilos lighter than non-cycling colleagues, one and a half days a year less sick and ten percent more labour productive. There is so much to gain. By the way, there are also all kinds of subsidy and incentive schemes that companies can make use of. That makes it even more interesting to stimulate cycling”.

Green and car-free Kennispark

“An attractive innovation campus and a lot of cars don’t go together,” says Arnold. “That’s why it’s good to use this period to review mobility and your parking policy. In this way we create space for more greenery and a pleasant outdoor space”.

Webinar Question Time: Getting started with mobility at your company!

Curious about the mobility approach for your company? Take part in the question time with Arnold on Friday 4 September at 10.00 am. After an explanation of the corona mobility protocol, he will answer all your questions. You can sign up for this via Depending on the situation at that time, you will receive a zoom link for online participation or an address at a location at Kennispark.

Do you want to get started right away? Go to or send an e-mail to Arnold Helfrich via



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