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New at Kennispark: Centre for Cybersecurity Research

New at Kennispark: Centre for Cybersecurity Research

TUCCR (Twente University Centre for Cybersecurity Research) is a brand new research center to strengthen the security and digital sovereignty of our society. Through top research! Friday, March 5, was the opening. But what does an institute like this mean for companies at Kennispark? And how will they help and strengthen each other?

In the digital field, there is a lot going on in the Netherlands right now. Data being sold on, hackers demanding ransoms from companies and organizations, outdated IT systems and structures: The Netherlands must quickly become more digitally resilient. The signals were already worrying. In 2019, for example, the NCTV (National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security) was still warning that a digital disruption in society was imminent. There are also concerns on a criminal level. Lawyer Nosh van der Voort of Simmons & Simmons also expressed his concerns about the “digital resilience” of the Netherlands and, in particular, companies, at the beginning of this month.

During the opening of the brand new TUCCR on the campus of the University of Twente, keynote speaker Mikko Hyppönen spoke about ‘The State Of The Net’. Below is a compilation:

Responsible digital business

TUCCR is an initiative of professors Willem Jonker and Aiko Pras and aims to become one of the top companies in the Netherlands through a public-private partnership. ‘Within the Netherlands and Europe, TUCCR must be ahead of the troops,’ Pras explains. ‘We don’t have to and can’t be the epicenter of cybersecurity. We don’t have the resources for that. But we can excel in sub-areas and be an example.’ Two movements within cybersecurity are central: network security and data security. These are the focus areas in which the professors can realize their ambitions, whereby the connection with the human touch is also explicitly sought. There is an opportunity to make a link between technical and ethical, legal, business administration and psychological. The institute relies primarily on cooperation with industry. For example, the center came about partly thanks to partners such as Thales, Cisco, SIDN and TNO. Their mission: to strengthen the security and digital sovereignty of our society by conducting top-level research into real-world data and network security challenges.

You can become partner!

As a company, you can become a partner of TUCCR. A ‘gold partner’ financially guarantees a PhD student, ‘silver partners’ a PDEng (Professional Doctorate in Engineering) and ‘bronze partners’ contribute financially in another way. TUCCR is mainly interested in the interaction and the people who generate spin-offs and want to generate impact together with companies – such as yours. In short: TUCCR wants to work with you to make the Netherlands more digitally resilient!

Want to generate impact together with TUCCR?

Read more about TUCCR and its ambitions here >



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