Periodic update July 2024

Periodic update July 2024

Kennispark is characterized by the presence of relatively many companies and many different breakthrough technologies. This diversity provides opportunities for crossovers and cooperation. Through our culture of short lines and strong connections with each other and the region, we know how to find each other and arrive at new solutions for the societal challenges we face. At Kennispark, we are strong in the following knowledge positions: MedTech, Organ on a chip, Robotics, Advanced Manufacturing, Materials, Chip Design, AI and Smart IT.

To boost the quality and distinctive position of Kennispark, we are taking a new step in the development of the area. We are working on preparations for an Innovation District, which will literally and figuratively connect the University of Twente campus and the current Business & Science Park. A district where living, working and meeting are central. And a district where crucial facilities are located that contribute to the establishment of new and the growth and development of established companies. We stimulate this by connecting Kennispark more into one area and by organizing meetings for more dynamics at the Business & Science park.

Besides the preparations for the innovation district, we are carrying out various projects together with the municipality, the UT and the entrepreneurs at Kennispark, in order to make the existing Business & Science area more attractive, safe and sustainable, as well as to further develop other places in the area.

For example, this year will see the HMO making a start on the TechArea. In the heart of Kennispark we will then see beautiful examples of circular construction come to fruition.

In the coming year, the housing corporations Domijn and Veste Wonen will do their part in realizing our area strategy and will start on the innovation district with the residential community intended for students nearing graduation, PhD students or employees on the Kennispark. Here, too, sustainability is an important feature of the construction to be realized.

In this periodic update we provide insight into our activities of the past period and the results that the efforts of the area organization together with entrepreneurs, UT and municipality have yielded so far.


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