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Become a partner of Kennispark

Invest and benefit from a collaborative, strong community.

Become a partner of Kennispark!

Kennispark must become more than an average business park. As an entrepreneur, you can now make a very concrete contribution by becoming a Partner. Below we explain what it is, why we need it as an area and what it means for you as an entrepreneur and/or property owner.

Kennispark is ready for the next acceleration

In recent years, the province of Overijssel, the municipality of Enschede and the University of Twente have invested heavily in the renovation of our innovation campus. Various plans have now been developed and an area team has been formed to set even more developments in motion. Kennispark is ready for the next acceleration and is therefore now primarily benefiting from a continuation of the successes that have been achieved.

The reason for a ‘Partner-model’

In the coming years, a total budget of 450,000 euros per year will be required to guarantee the same level of effort as now. A joint effort between the University of Twente, the municipality of Enschede and the companies at the park is necessary for this. We are now asking property owners and entrepreneurs to jointly contribute €150,000 per year, so that we can speak of a fully-fledged contribution as one of the three initiating parties.

Foundation in formation

If you contribute as a Knowledge Partner, you will help to carry out all the matters involved in implementing the area strategy. The corresponding entity is being set up, but you can already sign up as Partner. As soon as the Kennispark Twente Foundation is established, we will formalize your contribution. We expect the foundation to be up and running by mid-2021.

A pro-rata contribution and profit

In order to continue to help build the innovation campus, we are asking entrepreneurs and real estate owners to contribute in proportion and profit. By entering into a contract with the Kennispark entity, you ‘buy’ a place in the entity. In doing so, you also retain a say in the design and optimization of the innovation campus. In addition, Partner can take extra advantage of various things we offer as an area organization. More about that later.

The Investment

The pro rata contribution is based on a contribution per gross floor area. In this model tenants contribute € 0.25 per m2 gross floor area and property owners € 0.75. It applies that – if property owners are also users – the amounts are added together. This then works out at € 1.- per m2 gfa. If at least 80% of the population of Kennispark participates, we will achieve the required amount (€ 150,000) we need to carry out the area vision. This model has already proved successful at Wageningen Business and Science Park. You understand: we want this for Kennispark too!

The benefits for KennisPartners

An important question is of course what such a partnership delivers. We have listed the benefits below. Do you have any questions about this or are there matters that are unclear? Please contact us directly via one of the members of the core team or via

For entrepreneurs:

  • You are (physically) part of an innovation ecosystem.
  • Attracting and retaining talent is easier.
  • You are provided with a well-equipped area team that initiates relevant projects and grants for you.
  • You benefit from relevant networks within the community.
  • Innovating together is even faster and easier!
  • You can make use of various shared facilities (labs, catering, meeting locations)
  • Joint acquisition to achieve even more growth.

For real estate owners:

  • Leads from new tenants are exclusively brought to your attention.
  • Real estate in a science park yields higher rents.
  • You make exclusive use of RegioDeal resources. For example, a free sustainability scan to make your real estate more sustainable and to green the outdoor areas. Click here for the projects for which you qualify.
  • Contribution to Green Deal Fund: greening the outdoor space with subsidy possibilities.
  • Participation in collective purchasing of park management item.

We do so much more!

Participation also means that you can make use of an area team that acts as a ‘broker’ in the area, focusing on the total quality for the long term. Specifically, this means that we are fully committed to the following:

  • Strategic acquisition on clusters for the innovation campus. Leads are passed on to you as a partner.
  • Investments in shared facilities such as lab facilities, catering, meeting locations, retail and living.
  • Marketing and promotion aimed at raising the national profile of the area, which should lead to more leads.
  • Mediating, supporting and obtaining subsidies for partners and the area, such as RegioDeal funds.
  • Community building and programming in collaboration with Novel-T.

Your partnership is becoming more valuable

We are currently preparing several projects that should bring you even more benefits. These are the following projects:

  • Kennispark gives Energy. You may have seen the name before. This cooperative is dedicated to sustainable energy in the area. Think about solar panels and charging stations. In short: an important catalyst in the area to make the step from gray to green!
  • We are conducting research into the heating and cooling demand in the area in order to jointly achieve energy benefits. A joint heat network, for example, could be a solution.
  • We want to work towards a joint parking solution for the future where various facilities are linked. Think of smart last mile facilities, electric charging, shared cars and a parcel service.
  • Connectivity: a private secure data network based on Internet of Things, for the entire area.
  • Student teams in the area: sharing knowledge, showcasing innovations.

Take the next step from ‘Kennisparker’ to ‘Partner’ now!


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