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Cybersecurity Center for the Manufacturing Industry

Cybersecurity resilience for the Manufacturing Industry.

Cybersecurity Center for the Manufacturing Industry

Digitization is key to innovation and activities. At the same time, rapid digital changes bring new challenges for entrepreneurs, such as targeted attacks by cyber criminals. The Cybersecurity Center for the Manufacturing Industry, an initiative that was announced as the Manufacturing Industry DTC, provides entrepreneurs with the knowledge and support they need for the proper organization of their own cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Center for the Manufacturing Industry

The Cybersecurity Center for the Manufacturing Industry focuses on developing the digital resilience of the Dutch manufacturing industry. In addition, it supports entrepreneurs who make the transition to Smart Industry, also known as Industry 4.0. Digitization is one of the major drivers of economic growth and offers opportunities for overcoming many social challenges. However, increasing the digital resilience is a must with this technology. For this reason we have launched the initiative for a Cybersecurity Center for the Manufacturing Industry in the eastern part of the Netherlands together with FME, Metaalunie, VMO, OostNL and CIO Platform.

The Cybersecurity Center aims to provide specific advice and relevant information about questions in the area of digital security, raised by inter alia the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC). Together with the CSCM, we will be starting up ISAOs (Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations), where businesses and experts share their knowledge and experience of cyber threats. There is also a link with DTC/NCSC for urgent Cybersecurity measures.

With the Cybersecurity Center for the Manufacturing Industry we also offer action perspectives for entrepreneurs. We perform a baseline measurement that will provide you as an entrepreneur with insight into the cyber security of your organization. This baseline measurement enables us to advise you on three important topics: organizational level, interaction with business processes, and systems and technology. Together with you, we then take a look at the next step on the way to enhancing your digital security and protecting you against cyber threats.

This initiative arises from the ‘Digital Trust Center’ program, which was launched by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and Security, at the end of 2017.

Is your organization prepared for a cyber attack?

From now on it’s possible to have a resilience analysis for manufacturing companies in the east of the Netherlands carried out at the Cybersecurity Center for Manufacturing Industry, an initiative made possible by the province of Overijssel. The cooperating partners in this center have developed a scan that measures the cyber resilience of companies and provides insight into weak spots. Join the Cybersecurity Center and receive up-to-date threat information and knowledge about how to make your company cybersafe.


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