MedTech Twente is the innovation hub where medical technology is accelerating. Here, industry and healthcare institutions work closely together with researchers from the knowledge institutions to arrive at innovations for tomorrow's healthcare.


For more than 15 years, ecosystem partners have been investing and working together to improve the adoption of medtech innovations in practice.

Innovations are developed, validated and implemented in close cooperation between parties, facilitated and accelerated by supporting organizations such as Novel-T, OostNL, VitaalTwente, HIP, WTC and HealthValley. It is therefore not for nothing that successful MedTech companies such as Demcon, Medspray, Micronit, Lipocoat and IAMFluidics were created and grew in Twente.

Companies, knowledge institutions and healthcare institutions work from MedTech Twente on a common mission: better and affordable healthcare. In times of Covid-19, they have shown tremendous development and clout. This has led to a fertile ecosystem for innovations that make a solid contribution to tomorrow’s healthcare.

Twente has traditionally been known for its strong high-tech sectors, often from a research base within knowledge institutions such as University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Activity in the medtech sector is growing rapidly, with frontrunners such as Demcon, Micronit, Baat Medical, Medspray and Benchmark. With in their wake numerous young growth companies such as ECSens, Vycap, Lipocoat, Flux Robotics, Uneedle, Flowbeams and Iamfluidics.

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Erwin Holtland
Erwin Holtland
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Erwin Holtland


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