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Sqills goes Trans-Atlantic with large order

Sqills goes Trans-Atlantic with large order

Sqills started implementing the S3 Passenger system for VIA Rail Canada to replace the existing reservation system. The platform developed by Sqills will be used to reserve and buy train tickets. The order comes from the 10-year contract that Sqills signed with VIA Rail in 2019. It is Sqills’ first international assignment outside Europe.

Online reservations and more

Sqills already provides ticketing and payment for public transport companies in Ireland, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom, including well-known names such as Blablabus, Thalys, Eurostar, Ouigo, and Irish Rail. In Canada, S3 Passenger will replace the current outdated system. This means, among other things, more commercial flexibility and a wide range of self-service services. For example, customers will be able to select and reserve a seat themselves, purchase additional on-board services, and receive after-sales services such as ticket exchange or refunds without the intervention of VIA Rail Canada staff.

Global ambitions

Sqills’ ambition is to become the global market leader in capacity, reservation and ticketing software for rail and bus operators. Sqills started in 2002 as a startup of the University of Twente and now has offices in Amersfoort, Paris and Istanbul. The head office is and will remain at Kennispark Twente, where around 120 people work.

Now even more important

Especially now in corona times, consumers and carriers are becoming even more aware of their mobility options and a changing economy. Carriers need to be able to respond faster and better to these changes with their range of destinations and prices, and a modern and flexible SaaS reservation system is proving vital for transport companies.
Sqills co-founder and board member Alexander Mul: “Sqills is an innovative IT company where R&D is a crucial part of our current and future success. Our Dev-Ops teams develop many dozens of new features every quarter that we make available to our SaaS customers, a little better every day”.


Sqills is also reaping the benefits of the increasing popularity of rail travel as an alternative to flying. Not only because flying is not an attractive option at the moment, but also because travellers are increasingly consciously opting for the train for sustainability reasons. And with this, the company can also contribute to a sustainable transport world.



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