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Subsidy ‘voucher homework plan’ can now be applied for

Subsidy ‘voucher homework plan’ can now be applied for

Even after corona, we work from home more often. But how do you, as a company, arrange that as soon as we return to the normal work rhythm? An external consultant can draw up a homework plan for companies such as yours. The Province of Overijssel has created a special voucher scheme for this purpose. In this article we give you answers to the most important questions. More information can be found on the website of the Province of Overijssel.

1. Until when can I apply for it?
The ‘Voucher scheme Home Work Plan’ is valid until July 1, 2021. Please note: € 250,000 has been made available for this voucher scheme, so be on time with applications.

2. For whom is the scheme intended?
The applicant is an employer with at least 50 employees in the total of physical locations in Overijssel. An employee is a person working in the company on the basis of an employment contract. Employers with only a physical location in the municipality of Deventer cannot apply. The Cleantech region offers opportunities here.

3. What is the purpose of the scheme?
The aim of the subsidy scheme is to allow employees to work part of their working time structurally from home while at the same time ensuring a good spread of mobility.

4. Will I be assigned an external consultant?
No, that is up to you.

5. How is the subsidy built up?
The subsidy is a fixed amount that you can spend on a consultant:

€ 3,000 for employers with 50 to 99 employees;
€ 3,500 for employers with 100 to 249 employees;
€ 4,000 for employers with 250 or more employees.

6. What does the homework plan have to comply with?
At least the following items must be worked out in the homework plan:

Motivation and culture

  • How is the work-life balance protected?
  • How does the employer keep employees involved in the work?

Home and office facilities

  • How are the workplaces arranged?
  • What equipment and software does the employer make available to work from home?
  • What compensations are there for working from home (e.g. furnishing)?

Rules and agreements

  • Who determines – and on the basis of what criteria – who is allowed to work from home and when?
  • Is working from home a right or a requirement?
  • Which functions are eligible for working from home?
  • What percentage of employees who are able to work from home actually work from home (as a percentage of all employees)?
  • What percentage of employees who can work from home are expected to work from home after the coronation period?
  • To what extent does the employer spread the home working days of employees over the week?
  • To what extent are employees who come to work also allowed to travel outside rush hours?
  • What are the agreements on the start times of meetings at work?
  • How is it visible per week who works from home on certain days?
  • How are face-to-face appointments arranged?
  • How is the contact between employees who work from home and employees who are at work arranged?
  • How are the security risks of computer use limited?
  • What are the arrangements for external business appointments?
  • And: Tips for working from home responsibly and effectively.

7. How do I apply for the subsidy?
On the website of the Province of Overijssel you will find a form that you can fill out step by step.

Go here directly to the form >

8. What if I still have questions?
More information about the subsidy scheme can be found on the website of the Province of Overijssel.




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