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Xsens helps filmmakers in one and a half meters of society

Xsens helps filmmakers in one and a half meters of society

Create animations or special effects for films and video games, safely and professionally from home. It can be done using a sensor suit from Xsens from Enschede. How? They will gladly explain it for you!

The global lockdown, caused by the coronavirus, also affects the game and film industry. Where normally professionals come together and work in studios, this is not possible now. With Xsens’ sensor suit, located at Kennispark, game and film productions can continue, simply from home.

The Blacklist: finals made possible by Xsens

The sensor suit – Xsens MVN Animate – is based on ‘motion capture’ technology in which sensors accurately record movements of the human body and store them in a computer. The actions and movements can be converted into realistic animations for 3D movies and video games, for example.

Experienced producers and developers such as Epic Games, Ninja Theory and Double Negative have already created studio-quality products in and around their own homes with the help of MVN Animate. A recent example of this is the finale of the series The Blacklist, aired on May 15. Instead of studio images they used animations made during the lockdown using Xsens.

How does it work?

MVN Animate is compact and simple. To use the sensor suit, a large studio with cameras is not necessary; only a room, backyard or other space is sufficient. Other employees involved can remotely follow the actions of the ‘artist’ in the suit via a live stream. Smaller developers without their own studio have already embraced MVN Animate.

Uncertain times call for creativity and collaboration. Xsens will support the users of MVN Animate with webinars, tips and experiences from professional partners. To this end, the Homecap campaign has been developed, which can be followed via Xsens’ website and social media channels. With MVN Animate and the Homecap campaign, Xsens hopes to inspire and help the international animation and special effects community in the one and a half metre society.



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