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Attention Employers: This is how you get started with working from home and cycling to work!

Attention Employers: This is how you get started with working from home and cycling to work!

The coronavirus still keeps us under its spell. Many employees are currently working at home on a structural basis. The corona time shows us that more employees can work from home than we thought. The province of Overijssel is committed to maintaining the positive effects of the crisis: fewer traffic jams and more attention to vitality. What can you do as an employer?

Step 1: Apply the mobility plan

As an employer, paying attention to the health of your employees is a great asset. More exercise is an important part of the fight against corona. After all, better resistance makes you more resistant to germs. In addition, we have had a positive environmental impact since working from home by reducing car emissions. To help you get employees moving and minimize traffic movements, TwenteMobiel has developed the sustainable mobility protocol. The protocol is being actively embraced by more and more employers. In summary, they adhere to the three principles of the protocol:

  1. Opt as much as possible for working from home throughout the week.
  2. Encourage up to 15 km cycling to work.
  3. Encourage over 15 km of off-peak travel by car, public transport, carpool and speedpedelec.

In this way, we jointly focus on spreading, spreading, spreading!  Spread in working from home, spread in working hours and spread in means of transport.

Download the mobility protocol.

Step 2: Activities to stimulate cycling and working from home

TwenteMobiel is working hard to organize activities to stimulate cycling and working from home. Below is an update of a number of actions and activities. Maybe you don’t have time for this right now, but we notice that some of the employers want to pay attention to this right now. So take a look at what suits you right now. Alfred Helfrich of TwenteMobiel is happy to look with you at what is useful for your company. His contact details can be found at the bottom of the page.

Getting started with working from home

Short questionnaire 
Work as much as possible at home is the message. But to what extent is this feasible? Let us know and fill in our short questionnaire about working from home this week. In 3 minutes you will show us the possibilities of working from home. If you fill in the questionnaire, you will receive all the results of the survey later on.

Fill in the list HERE.

Voucher homeworking plan 
TwenteMobiel is working on a voucher scheme. With the voucher you can call in an expert for free to draw up the homework plan for your organization together with you. How can I do this? Soon we will inform you about this.

Example Beaphar 
Beaphar from Raalte is fully committed to working from home and bicycle stimulation. This has resulted in satisfied employees with clear agreements about working from home. Bicycle stimulation has also been encouraged by means of an interest-free loan for employees. They have also applied for this in the subsidy scheme of the province. Watch this item on RTV Oost for inspiration.

Getting started with bicycle stimulation

Many employers are, especially now, focusing on bicycle stimulation. After all, that is sustainable and healthy. Many employees find it financially difficult to buy an e-bike or speedpedelec. Read in this brochure how you can help them.

Free e-bike tests 
Do employees want to try out an e-bike for a week first? Then you can. TwenteMobiel makes e-bikes available through various bicycle dealers in Twente. Share this link with your employees:

Subsidy possibilities (deadline November 30th!)

Almost all activities aimed at further reducing car traffic during rush hours are eligible. Several employers have made use of the provincial subsidy scheme in recent months. A selection of the applications of the past months:

  • Expand bicycle parking facilities
  • New bike scheme for employees
  • Implement steering parking policy with smart barrier
  • Deployment of business partial mobility
  • Insert carpoolapp
  • Offer shredding sports.
  • Facilities for videoconferencing

The contribution is a maximum of 50% of the eligible costs, with a minimum of € 500,- and a maximum of € 50.000,- per application. For one structural new rush hour we charge a subsidy contribution of € 500,-. In 2020 there will still be almost € 250.000,- available. Applications must be received before November 30th and less than half of the available € 250.000,- is left!

If you have ideas, interest or questions, let us know.
Also read previously published article about mobility at Kennispark. Tip: do the mobility scan!

Arnold Helfrich 
Mobility broker Smart and Sustainable Mobility Overijssel
06 2535 7227




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