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Meet our association

Who are behind the Kennispark Business Association? We are happy to introduce ourselves.

The people

Our business association is a thriving and growing association with over 150 members. Within the association, the board ensures growth, as well as the connection between members. Together, we shape meeting and advocacy.

Our board
The board of the Kennispark Business Association consists of a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs who, in addition to their business at the Kennispark, manage the business association. At this moment, the board consists of:

Irith Hoffmann | Partner, Damsté Advocaten en Notarissen
Role:         Chairman

Bianca Screever | Director Operations, Demcon
Role:         Secretary

Marcel Balvers | Advisor, Hendriksen Accountants en Adviseurs
Role:         Treasurer

Martijn Hoogstoevenbeld | Financial and operational director, FC Twente
Role:         Board Member

Peter Plantenga | Manager, Zero55
Role:         Board Member

René Reitzema | Creator, Crossmedia
Role:         Board Member

Thematic cooperation in working groups
Our members work together on activities within four clusters: communication, events, facilities and representation. Also, current developments require a thematic approach. We have formed working groups based on the Kennispark areal strategy and the subsequent structural vision. The current working groups are:

  • Spatial development: how do we achieve the appearance of a campus?
  • Short-term areal developments
  • Community building
  • International branding

Do you want to know who you can meet within our association? You can view our member list below. We are working on a more visible presentation of the members. If you have ideas or wishes, we would love to hear them!

Download member list

Become a member
Do you want to become a member of our business association and work together with our members to make our community even stronger? Become a member and make a difference with us!

Irith Hoffmann
Irith Hoffmann
Irith Hoffmann

Irith is chairman of the Business Association Kennispark. Since 2018, she has been promoting the interests of entrepreneurs and members located at Kennispark together with other board members. Irith works as a lawyer in (inter-) national contract law and employment law at Damsté Advocaten-Notarissen.



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