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The Kennispark Business Association

Become a member of the Kennispark Business Association (Ondernemersvereniging Kennispark) and contribute to an attractive and powerful community!

Business Association

The Kennispark Business Association is an important discussion partner for the municipality of Enschede, the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. The management of our business association is also closely involved in the developments at Novel-T. Thanks to its coordinating role, the Kennispark business association adds value to Kennispark-based businesses. Your membership is essential to get even more done. Together we build a strong community where talents and companies know how to find and strengthen each other.

Developing talent and business together!

Our business association is a thriving and growing association that is happy to contribute to a dynamic prime location. We take into account what is good for the Twente region, Kennispark and the companies we represent. Discover what we can do for each other and contribute yourself by becoming a member.

More information about the Kennispark Business Association? Contact us!

Irith Hoffmann
Irith Hoffmann
Irith Hoffmann

Irith is chairman of the Business Association Kennispark. Since 2018, she has been promoting the interests of entrepreneurs and members located at Kennispark together with other board members. Irith works as a lawyer in (inter-) national contract law and employment law at Damsté Advocaten-Notarissen.



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